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Improve your oral health, it will Add years to your life. The unfortunate reality is over 75% of adults show signs of gum disease.

Factors that play a role in these are: too much sugar and starch in your diet, smoking, poor oral hygiene and stress (to name a few).

Poor Oral Hygiene Consequences

If left untreated, gum disease can lead to low birth weight in newborns, heart disease and strokes, ineffectiveness of insulin in diabetics, osteoporosis and diabetes & more.

Periodontal Disease – The Hazardous Evolution

When you have healthy teeth and gums, you have a more attractive smile. You ward off pain and throbbing in your mouth. You won’t be as sensitive to hot and cold. Overall, you’ll have a better quality of life.

Left ignored, the symptoms of gingivitis can develop into periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can cause permanent damage to the bone and gums surrounding the roots or the teeth.

It starts with plaque spreading and growing in the gum line. Plaque creates toxins which then irritate and inflame the gums. At this point, the bacteria penetrate the blood stream – endangering organs, tissue, vessels and can potentially harm a fetus. The bone and tissue that supports the teeth start to break down and lead to a multitude of complications.

Gingivitis – Stage One In Periodontal Disease

During this stage, gingivitis develops by plaque forming on the teeth, gums bleeding easily – they become red and inflamed. Gingivitis can be reversed with good oral hygiene and appropriate treatment.

A good dental hygiene routine is essential!

You need to keep your gums in the pink. After an evaluation, Dr. Haratz's and her team of dental professionals in South Florida will describe the recommended hygiene program to best meet your needs. The goal is to avoid further periodontal problems that may necessitate surgical procedures or loss of teeth.

This review is based on my recent initial consultatiom, with Adela Haratz, DDS. She was very professional, and informative to me, about the dental care that I needed. The front office manager was amazingly courteous. And funny too. I would give Ms Haratz, and her staff 7 stars, if they were rated by stars. I'm looking forward to my first procedure next week.

William R. H.

An excellent dentist. Great atmosphere and staff. The whole experience was pain free and the results were great. I highly recommend her.

May a.

Dr. Adela is a very friendly, Informative, Honest, and lovely Doctor. She works from her heart and she does her job very well. She answers all the questions that the patient needs, and explain everything very well. Best Dentist I have ever seen, love her so much. My husband and I will never change to another dentist because she is the best. The clinic is very clean; the interior is amazing and comfortable. I highly recommended vesting detail because I am sure any one will agree about my decision.

Hasan A.





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